Facebook Launches Anonymous App "Rooms"

Rooms brings anonymous forum-style discussions of the early Internet to the social media-era. Credit: Facebook

Rooms brings anonymous forum-style discussions of the early Internet to the social media-era. Credit: Facebook

Good morning. It's Friday, October 24th.

Here's what you should know today:

Facebook's new anonymous mobile app Rooms will remind you of old-school forums and message boards. The app doesn't connect with your Facebook account and lets you use sign in with "nicknames."

Good morning and Happy Friday! Facebook is launching a new anonymous forum-style mobile app called Rooms. Here’s what you should know.

Internet forums and message boards allow people with similar interests to come together and discuss a niche topic. You could join forums to discuss bicycle riding or your favorite musician, for example. 

Facebook’s new Rooms app brings that same concept to mobile devices.

Anyone can start a new room and choose how public or private they want their space to be. After customizing everything from the background color to the “Like” button, they can share their room with others by sending the QR-style invitations.

Here’s what they look like:


To join the room, you screenshot the invitation (yes, Facebook actually encourages screenshot-ing) and Rooms scans your Camera Roll for an invite. When it finds the screenshot, it lets you in.

Unlike Facebook’s other stand-alone mobile apps, Rooms doesn’t make you sign in with a Facebook account. Instead, you log in anonymously and choose a new “nickname” each time you enter a new room. The app asks users for "whatever name makes you feel most comfortable and proud." 

Speculation that Facebook would introduce an anonymous mobile app had been growing for weeks. Rooms doesn’t take other popular anonymous messaging apps head on, however. Unlike Whisper and Secret, Rooms brings people together based on common interests — not location.

What do you think about Facebook’s new app? Let me know in the comments below. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend! I hope you’ll join me right back here on Monday morning.

Drew Rapp

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